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Strata Management


Stratatech is proud to offer its clients a diverse team of licensed strata managers, handling everything from residential to commercial strata management.  Our team emphasizes a customer service approach for each strata, sharing expertise between staff and coordinating under a hands-on Strata  Manager.  Our managers are actively involved with strata councils and owners, attending all meetings and providing excellent, timely service.  With expertise on the Strata Property Act regulations and the know-how to make council ideas become realities, our strata managers are an indispensable resource to the strata councils they serve..

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Our residential strata managers have extensive strata and construction experience.  This allows management to work together with contractors to select, explain, review and inspect the work completed in a professional manner.  Also, this helps ensure that the contractors maintain a high level of workmanship and that the strata is receiving full value for their investment.



Commercial strata management and commercial section management require many of the same management, reporting, accounting and administrative services as outlined above in residential strata management.  In addition to the regular functions, we also handle the collection, remittance and calculation of input tax credits and the filing of annual tax returns.

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